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The South Pacific-Guizhou Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference Held in Guiyang Guian

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On September 11th, the "South Pacific and Guizhou Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference" was held at the Guizhou Jinshi Yilong Natural Museum. The conference was attended by domestic and international guests, including the Consulate General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai and the Consulate General of Australia in Chengdu. Representatives from well-known companies such as Sany Group, Sichuan Supply and Marketing Investment Group, Yilong Group, Guizhou Yujia Technology, Guizhou Jiubo Company, and China Travel Guizhou, as well as representatives from provincial and municipal fruit industry associations and the provincial agricultural product supply chain association, totaling more than 70 participants. In addition, representatives from Ausmate Group, Pacific Silk Road Holdings (Fiji) PTE LIMITD, Pakrin Investment LTD, and AFIA (Papua New Guinea) Investment Company also participated in the conference online.


According to Mr. Lu Wen, Chairman of Ausmate Group, China is the world's most promising large-scale market, and the western Chinese market is still in the process of development. In recent years, Guizhou Province has become one of the fastest-growing provinces in terms of GDP in China, demonstrating strong "latecomer advantages." With the strategic goal of building an open inland economy in Guizhou Province, it has the potential to become a "new highland" for global multilateral trade. This has given Ausmate Group great confidence in investing in Guizhou. Leveraging the global influence of Ausmate Multinational Group and the political and business resources of various countries, they hope that this conference will serve as an opportunity to promote comprehensive multilateral economic and trade cooperation between the global community, China, Guizhou, and the South Pacific region.


Mr. Jiang Wenshu, Chairman of Guizhou Zhongchuang Yilong Group Co., Ltd., stated that in the post-pandemic era, global economic unpredictability has increased, and the global supply chain is facing challenges. For global enterprises, this is a time of strategic opportunities and risks. Guizhou Zhongchuang Yilong has diversified, scaled, and become a group enterprise over the years, covering market development, warehousing and logistics, real estate development, construction, decoration, decoration materials, and investment and financing. They aim to showcase and promote the slate industry park to domestic and international audiences at this conference, seeking overseas cooperation opportunities and assisting local Guizhou enterprises in expanding their presence both domestically and internationally.


During the candid and pragmatic atmosphere of the conference, representatives provided introductions on investment environments in their respective countries, and various companies exchanged views on their own situations and cooperation needs. During the conference, Ausmate Group and Guizhou Zhongchuang Yilong Group signed a cooperation agreement on matters related to establishing overseas warehouses in the South Pacific region and jointly building an Australian industrial park.

From September 12th to 14th, Ausmate Group conducted "one-on-one" service negotiations with enterprises in the South Pacific region, achieving remarkable results. Cooperation projects included two major trades, one overseas warehouse investment, three import and export trades, and two Guizhou brand expansions, as well as one bilateral tourism cooperation. According to the organizers, in the future, Ausmate Group will leverage its international business resource-sharing service platform to carry out services such as global industrial investment, cross-border business matchmaking, import and export trade, and international brand establishment based on the needs of various countries. They aim to create a comprehensive, integrated international trade 2.0 alliance, providing global resources from the group to support enterprises from China and around the world in expanding global markets. They hope that domestic and Guizhou enterprises can collaborate with global enterprises to create a new era of international economic and trade cooperation.


In recent years, Guizhou has focused on the "Four News" and promoted the "Four Modernizations." It has deepened the reform of "delegating powers, streamlining administration, and improving regulation and services." In addition, the Guizhou International Land Port in Guiyang has begun operations, and the foundation for the "One Hub, Four Centers" has been largely completed. The business environment continues to improve, and "Guizhou Service" is continuously enhanced. It is believed that in the future, more domestic and foreign enterprises will be attracted to invest and develop in Guizhou. The quality of Guizhou's economy will be effectively improved, leading to reasonable growth. The modernization of colorful Guizhou will continue to make progress in new models and formats. The land of Guizhou will undoubtedly usher in a new era of high-quality development and achieve new leaps and bounds.

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