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strategic cooperation between Ausmate Group and Gansu Dunhuang Hua'ao Import & Export Trade Co.

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On March 8, 2022, Guizhou Ausmate Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Gansu Dunhuang City Hua'ao Import & Export Trade Co. The scope of business cooperation reached between the two companies includes: comprehensive cooperation in cultural tourism projects, joint planning and holding of various events, alliance between Gansu and Zunyi comprehensive security zone business exhibition center, and cross-provincial project investment. Ltd. and Guizhou Ausmate Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. have linked up the cultural fair and laid out cultural tourism-related activities in Dunhuang, a strategic location on the Silk Road. Through the cooperation and activities of Gansu and Guizhou's cultural tourism projects, Fiji's cultural tourism projects and related merchandise sales will be driven.


Starting in 2019, the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government decided that the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo and Dunhuang Walk - Silk Road International Tourism Festival will be held together at the same time. Since the integration of culture and tourism for three years, "a festival" highlighting the in-depth integration of culture and tourism, strengthen the humanities exchanges, tourism cooperation, industrial development of countries along the Silk Road, scientific and reasonable setting of forums, exhibitions, cultural performances and other activities, to undertake the national mission and pragmatic cooperation and integration, the cultural sentiment of the country and tourism The "one session, one festival" will be a new center of "one belt and one road" people-to-people communication, a new highland of silk road culture and a new model of cultural tourism integration.

Dunhuang and other four counties in the west of the river as the representative of the western corridor culture, the frontier military culture, flying culture, cave culture, Xiongnu culture, Xixia culture, etc. is an important part of China's cultural resources treasury; coupled with the unique geographical climate and minority customs of the western corridor, so that most of the elements of cultural tourism resources gathered here in addition to the marine elements. Gansu Province tourism department and the local government involved in the Hexi Corridor should actively promote the development of large-scale cultural performance projects and the depth of integration of cultural tourism industry, join hands to jointly explore, develop and create the most cultural tourism scenic spots with Gansu characteristics, increase the proportion of tourism revenue in the GDP, and promote tourism as a real pillar industry.


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