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Preparatory Meeting between the CG of the Republic of Fiji and Ausmate Group on Fiji National Pavilion Landing Event" successfully hosted.

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On September 21, 2022, a video conference was held with the Consul General of Fiji and the Ausmate Group on the preparation of the landing of the Fiji National Pavilion in 2022. Consul General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai, Ms. Yee Chan and her consular team, as well as the Chairman of Ausmate Group, Mr. Lu Wen, and his global team: Ratu Vuki (Ausmate representative in Fiji), Patrick Milicic (Ausmate representative in Australia), Hoomin Lee (Ausmate representative in Korea), Roddy I. Nwokeabia (Ausmate representative in Korea), and Mr. Nwokeabia (Ausmate representative in Australia). Nwokeabia/Roddy Nwokeabia (Ausmate representative in Nigeria). They attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ausmate Group Chairman Wen Lu, whose team in Guizhou gave a comprehensive report on the preparatory work and implementation plan of the Fiji National Pavilion and Cloud Business Expo+, and reached a project consensus with the CG team of Fiji.


Firstly, Mr. Lu Wen, Chairman of Ausmate Group Global Headquarters and Mr. Ren Xiaonan, Director of Ausmate Group China Headquarters delivered speeches, expressing their expectation and confidence in the support of Dr. Yok Yee Chan, Consul General of the Republic Fiji, and her team for the landing of the Fiji National Pavilion in Guizhou and the outlook of this project in the global development.



Afterwards, Dr. Yok Yee Chan, Consul General of Fiji, expressed her gratitude, support and expectation for the work of Ausmate Group regarding the landing of the country pavilion in Guizhou, and wished the launching ceremony of the Fiji country pavilion a complete success.


Then, Chen Shubing, manager of Jianghua International Tourism Center, expressed his warm welcome and full support for the Fiji National Pavilion and the Cloud Business Exhibition to be located in Jianghua.


Finally, the global representative of Ausmate Group gave a basic introduction of the market situation in Fiji, Australia, Korea and Nigeria, and expressed the full support and full cooperation for the National Pavilion project.

Statement by Patrick Milicic, Ausmate Representative in Australia


Statement by Ratu Vuki, Representative of Ausmate in Fiji


Statement by Roddy I.Nwokeabia, Representative of Ausmate in Nigeria


Statement by Hoomin Lee, Representative of Ausmate in South Korea


During the meeting, Chairman Lu Wen gave a comprehensive introduction on the model of Fiji's whole industry chain country pavilion and the preparation for landing in Guizhou, including: project background, activity process planning, roundtable questions, cloud business exhibition +, country pavilion segment, business model, three-year planning, etc.






Afterwards, the person in charge of each project of the whole industry chain of the National Pavilion of Guizhou gave a detailed introduction to the section they are responsible for


Chen Shubing, project manager of Jianghua International Tourism Center, Pan Jie, operation director of Guizhou Ausmate, Chen Hao, project manager of Guizhou Ausmate International Industrial Park, Ye Xiangsong, project manager of Guizhou Ausmate Urban Complex, and Wu Youyuan, event business recruitment manager of Guizhou Ausmate, gave a detailed introduction to the industry segment of the national pavilion they are responsible for.

Finally, Dr. Yok Yee Chan, Consul General of the Republic of Fiji, expressed her heartfelt thanks to Ausmate and Jianghua for their efforts and dedication in promoting the construction of the Fiji National Pavilion in Guizhou, and hoped that through the platform jointly built by Ausmate and Jianghua, they would jointly explore the resource endowments of Fiji and China and complement each other's advantages, deepen the cooperation between the two countries in the fields of trade and investment, cultural exchange and tourism, and move forward together in the right direction of building a high-quality and long-term partnership.

Next, the upcoming "2022 Fiji National Pavilion in Guizhou Launching Ceremony and International Import and Export Cloud Business Exhibition+" will be held with the theme of "Building an ecological platform for business and trade in Guizhou and Fiji, creating bilateral borderless cooperation among multinational enterprises", focusing on key industries such as bilateral trade, cultural tourism cooperation, sports cooperation and education projects between Fiji and Guizhou, and conducting project matching and cooperation with business associations, enterprises and official institutions in Fiji, Guizhou and various provinces in China, so as to promote the comprehensive development of Fiji's national pavilion of the whole industry chain and Fiji-China trade through cooperation in various industrial fields.

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