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2023 Fiji National Pavilion Roundtable and Ausmate Import/Export Cloud Business Exhibition

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From March 22 to 23, 2023, Dr. Yok Yee Chan, Consul General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai, along with a diplomatic delegation from the Republic of Fiji, participated in a visit to the Fiji National Pavilion and the Cultural and Tourism Project at the Zhucheng Square and a roundtable meeting hosted by Ausmate Group in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. At the official itinerary, the Fijian diplomatic representatives participated in a seminar at the Guizhou Foreign Affairs Office and a visit to the Guiyang Free Trade Zone. The visit and participation of the Fijian diplomatic delegation established a solid foundation and framework for the Fiji National Pavilion and bilateral project cooperation channel in Guizhou.


On March 22, a diplomatic delegation from the Republic of Fiji, accompanied by representatives from Ausmate and Guizhou Goodwill, visited Zhucheng Square in Guiyang City and Guizhou National Culture Palace, with the intention of selecting a site for the first Fijian national pavilion in Guizhou. Through the establishment of the national pavilion to showcase Fiji and Guizhou quality goods, share business opportunities, realize cultural tourism interaction and win-win development.


Mr. Zhou Zixiang of Guizhou Yuya Culture Communication Culture Co., Ltd. introduced Zhucheng Plaza to the diplomatic delegation of the Republic of Fiji in detail. From the economic development to the historical culture and the future planning of the government, Zhucheng Plaza undoubtedly has the unique conditions for landing a pavilion and has the foundation to build a global business ecological platform.

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Opposite the Zhucheng Square is the Guizhou Provincial Ethnic Culture Palace, where the diplomatic delegation of the Republic of Fiji was guided and introduced to the rich culture of ethnic minorities in Guizhou Province. The changes and integration of various ethnic groups, human customs and life aesthetics were like a colorful and splendid historical painting. The diplomatic representatives of the Republic of Fiji expressed that Guizhou has rich tourism and cultural resources and great development prospects, and hoped to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism with Guiyang as a sister city to jointly promote bilateral cultural and tourism exchanges.

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Yang Wei, Director of the Brand Office of Guizhou Colorful Media, also introduced to the Fijian diplomatic delegation the national brand project under construction - the Qian series of brand products, including but not limited to "Qian Tea", "Qian Wine", "Qian Zhen", "Qian Food", "Qian Cuisine", "Qian Weaving", "Qian Embroidery" and "Qian Art".

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On March 23rd, the roundtable meeting of Fiji National Pavilion 2023, oriented to "Creating an ecological platform for global trade and creating borderless cooperation between China and Fiji", was held at the headquarters of Guizhou E-Commerce Cluster as scheduled. Dr. Yok Yee Chan, Consul General of Fiji in Shanghai, Amelia Cobona, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Fiji; Pan Jie and Lu Miao, representatives of Ausmate Group; Xiong Yizhong and Chen Haibin, representatives of Guizhou E-Commerce Cluster Headquarters; Chen Zhijin, representative of tourism industry in Liupanshui; Zhou Zixiang, Chairman of Guizhou Yuya Culture Media Co., China Travel Service Guizhou Chairman Fu Shuai, Huangshu Scenic Area General Manager Yan Jie and other participants attended the meeting.

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At the meeting, Xiong Yizhong, the representative of Guizhou E-Commerce Cluster Headquarters, took the lead in expressing sincere welcome to the diplomatic delegation of the Republic of Fiji on behalf of the people of Guizhou and the participating entrepreneurs. Chen Zhijin, representative of Liupanshui City, introduced to the diplomatic delegation the high quality climate tourism resources and natural resources of Liupanshui City, saying that "there is Sanya in winter and Liangdu in summer", and had strong expectations for the tourism and cultural exchange in Fiji.

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Fu Shuai, Chairman of China Travel Service Guizhou, also analyzed the tourism market in Fiji and made suggestions on safety, transportation, experience and shopping, which are the most important concerns of Fiji as a tourist destination for Chinese people, hoping that Fiji can develop new tourism products suitable for Chinese travelers and connect with other island countries in the South Pacific in tandem to enrich the product experience. Dr. Yok Yee Chan responded positively, saying that the newly appointed Minister of Tourism attaches great importance to the development of tourism and culture in Fiji after the epidemic, developing more routes and increasing travel convenience. At the same time, on the basis of maintaining the original ecotourism, the concept of "cultural village" is introduced to expand the immersive experience tourism derivatives.


Zhou Zixiang of Guizhou Yuya Culture Media Company introduced in detail the Zhucheng Square World Street project under preparation. The project makes full use of the excellent geographical environment and cultural resources of Zhucheng Square in Guiyang City, and intends to build Zhucheng Square into a comprehensive international community with global special goods exhibition, cultural exchange and trade exchange, and invites Fiji to set up a national pavilion here.


Yan Jie, the general manager of Huangguoshu Tourism Scenic Area, showed the special cultural tourism project "Wanguoli", which will be launched in May, and the town will be based on Huangguoshu's golden tourism line, introducing cultural performances, food, health and other businesses of various countries, and is now making investment. Dr. Yok Yee Chan expressed strong interest in the cultural performance and hoped to further discuss the cooperation project of Fiji's cultural performance team and Fiji's cultural tourism events.

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Finally, the Fiji diplomatic delegation and the participants of the event reached a consensus on the planning of the landing of the Fiji National Pavilion. In the next step, Ausmate Group will jointly advance the landing of Fiji National Pavilion in Guizhou Province with major strategic partners respectively, including: the international supply chain and industrial park service of Fiji National Pavilion set up and landed by the operator of the industrial building in Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, the live e-commerce of Fiji National Pavilion set up by the operator of the e-commerce headquarters, Fiji National Pavilion and the international community complex set up by Zhucheng Square World Street project team. It will eventually usher in the launch and opening event of the whole industry chain Fiji National Pavilion in the next event, establishing a model for official cooperation and national pavilion landing for more countries in five continents, such as Australia, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Hellenic Republic and Canada.

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